Big Changes in the Minnesota Cosmetology Board

Highlights of 2013 Changes in Cosmetology Law

The 2013 legislative session resulted in several law changes, and some of these are highlighted below.

BCE is writing new rules, and amending current rules, to reflect the new law. Sign up on the BCE rulemaking email list to be notified of these and other changes by emailing

1. Continuing Education Credits
Beginning August 1, 2014, operators and salon managers will need 4 hours of continuing education credits (CE’s)
to renew their license, in addition to the current work experience hours or refresher courses. 3 of the CE’s are on health, safety, and sanitation; and 1 credit hour is on laws and rules.
These CE’s can be offered by Minnesota licensed cosmetology schools and licensed postsecondary schools, or board recognized professional associations. No pre-approval is required for the courses.
The law requires the Board to conduct random audits of renewals to ensure that licensees have proof of completion of the CE’s, and licensees must keep the proof of completion in case of audit.

2. Fines for Violations Found on Inspection
When inspectors find certain violations at salons, fines ranging from $100 to $500 can be issued to operators, managers, designated licensed salon managers, salons and schools. These violations include:
 Current licenses not posted in the public view
 Expired licenses
 Single –use items such as porous buffers are files that are not disposed of properly  A credo blade, callus shaver, rasp or grater in the salon
 Waxing or other esthetician or cosmetology services offered at a nail salon
 Nail or cosmetology services offered at an esthetician salon
 Operators working as independent contractors

3. Porous Buffers, Files, and Other Single Use Items
Any single use item, such as porous buffers, files, sandpaper bits, or other items made with wood, paper, foam, or other porous materials may not be re-used, even if the manufacturer or supplier claims it can be disinfected or sanitized. These items must be immediately placed in a trash container as soon as the service is completed.

4. Use of Credo blades, razor type shavers, callus removers, graters and rasps
prohibited. Any tool designed to cut growths of skin such as corns and calluses is prohibited and can’t be in the salon.

5. Name Change to “Nail Technician” Manicurists are now called Nail Technicians, and manicuring salons are now nail salons.